Facade expanded metal manuelle gautrand forum st louis

(c) Jean-Paul Iltis - Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

facade expanded metal

(c) Philippe Leroy - Studio Vincent Eschalier

facade expanded metal anodised

(c) Guillaume Satre - AIA Architectes

architecture expanded metal

(c) Sergio Grazia - Aden Architectes


Made of steel, corten, aluminium, copper, aesthetic, solid, useful, expanded metal is a metallic cladding façade which is part of sustainable architecture.

Three dimensional, expanded metal returns light in various directions. Harmonious, it chimes with wood, brick, stone, glass, concrete and changes appearance according to the weather.

Deconstructivist, hi tech, lightweight, undissembled and urban, expanded metal expresses very well the void/full ratio or the full/void ratio and enables the architects to gamble with its transparency. The numerous  geometries of the expanded metal and its frequencies variations provide nice proportions to it.

Finitions & Co*
Galvanized for and industrial look, coated or anodized, expanded metal enjoys the most  beautiful finishes !

METAL DEPLOYE® offers a wide range of surface treatments.. Our company belongs to the ROTO group, the hot dip galvanizing, metal painting and coating specialist. This complementarity guarantees top quality results for our customers.

Our prescribers are available to :

- help you in the solutions facade choice through rendering presentations,
-       help you for the mounting and fixing solutions,
- advise you about the implementing and give you a budget. 

Our engineering office operates  calepinage, cross-sections, technical consultancy and  support during the realization of technical files. 

Finally, our ironwork can create your facade ready to place.