Sunbreaking metallic métal déployé

Expanded metal sunbreaking - Toutr Elithis

Metallic Sunbreaking

Expanded metal sunbreaking - Bio Ouest - AIA Architectes

metallic sunbreaker

Sun breaker - Sergio Grazia® - Archi5


Expanded metal sunbreaking - General Electric office building


With sustainable development in mind, we make a wide choice of louvred meshes expanded metal available to architects. 

With their three-dimensional design they naturally work as a sun-screen. Direct light is stopped by the product's inclination offering effective protection against the heat of the sun's rays along with maximum comfort. 

- Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced.
- Blinds are no longer needed and air-conditioning can be cut  drastically. 

Exceptional visual acuity comes from the considerable openness and inclination of the mesh. Our sun-screens can be placed vertically or horizontally and will guarantee you the very best thermal efficiency.