metallic ceiling

Ceiling - Expanded metal

ceiling expanded metal light transparancy

Ceiling - Expanded metal - Shopping mall Thiais

Metallic ceiling mesh

Ceiling - Expanded metal


GMPlac® suspended ceilings combine lightness, rigidity and aesthetic appeal.

Adaptable to any surface, shaped out of flat or three-dimensional mesh for either traditional visual effects, it can be used both inside and outside.

METAL DEPLOYE® offers a very varied choice of shapes and finishes which means that playing with the shade and transparency is possible.

As far as safety in concerned, the fire endurance of the materials used (electrogalvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel) means that MO classification can be obtained.

As for as practical concerns, the modular design of GM Plac® ceilings makes them easy to maintain and clean. 

GM Plac®  suspended ceilings are delivered ready to be positioned in traditional sections.


width x lenght
600 x  600 
 600 x 1200 
Frontal transparency  27% to 82%
Weight  0,90 kg/m²
to 3,35 kg/m²
Thickness 5 mm