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METAL DEPLOYE appuie son savoir-faire sur l’innovation

Your requirements and our solutions are one and the same

Since it was set up in 1902, METAL DEPLOYE® has used its expertise to be innovative..

The original properties expanded metal from METAL DEPLOYE® and its flexibility of use mean that it is an exceptional material. Its applications in Architecture & Construction are infinite…
International architects
have shown how expanded metal can be used in prestigious projects that wonderfully demonstrate the material’s visionary perspectives.
Covering for building facades, canopies, "second skin" effect, art & design, railing, mounts for displays and signs, various types of coating and panelling… so many different applications that enable an architectural project to combine both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

METAL DEPLOYE® can offer a very wide range of expanded metal of different shapes and dimensions that will ensure that each project has its own unique and original character.
As the industry specialist, the expanded metal produced by METAL DEPLOYE®, is appropriate for every project. Used in canopies, METAL DEPLOYE® three-dimensional expanded metal offers effective protection against direct sunlight and promotes building energy efficiency.

Our first skill is that we are highly demanding.

Our determination to absolutely fit in with our customers’ technical and aesthetic requirements has encouraged us to develop a new range of finished products for Architecture and Construction.
Our sales and technical teams support the project supervisors when choosing our products and they constantly strive to find solutions for the specific constraints of each project.

For many industry sectors METAL DEPLOYE® is the preferred supplier. To deal with the specific needs of each and every one of our customers we draw upon our solid experience and our technical expertise technique in drawing up and implementing specifications.

Certified expertise: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

"For many years now, METAL DEPLOYE® has made its entire workforce adhere to the Quality, Safety and Environment standards. Our triple certification is not only acknowledgement of this collective awareness, it testifies first and foremost to our determination to put continual improvement at the heart of how we work and how we deal with our customers."
Laure-Anne Lenoir, Head of Quality Safety Environment