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METAL DEPLOYE® says "YES" to being an environmentally responsible industry

METAL DEPLOYE® is committed to protecting the Environment, as proven by our ISO 14001 certification.

Expanded metal is made in a unique process of synchronized shearing and drawing of the metal which does not produce any losses of material.

This manufacturing process requires very little energy as it is done cold using mechanical presses. Any metallic waste due to technical adjustments can be totally recycled.


The solution to satisfy the environmental rules (RT2012 in France).

With a three-dimensional design, the metallic louvered mesh offers shade from the sun. It blocks out the sun’s rays through its natural slope and helps you achieve your environmental objectives by limiting energy requirements and CO2 emissions.

The HQE® approach involves the comfort and health of those people using buildings. METAL DEPLOYE® louvered mesh contributes to this by offering protection against direct sunlight. By doing so it helps over the long term to reduce the need for synthetic awnings and electric air conditioners.

The solutions to lay the metallic meshes that our technical department can recommend are quick and easy. Being so simple to put in place also helps reduce potential pollution created by handling and lifting equipment.


Elithis, the positive experience

In 2008, METAL DEPLOYE® went a little bit further in his comitment to respect environmental rule in the architecture area by collaborating to the Tour Elithis project in Dijon. The objective of the architect Arte-Charpentier to build a whole facade in METAL DEPLOYE® was to allow the rounded facade to follow the daylight curve in order to protect the building against global warming. Indeed, air conditionners are not necessary anymore, and energy savings are considerable.

Elithis, tour Dijon. Elithis / Arte-Charpentier. www.elithis.fr

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  • Total surface: 5000 m²
  • Height : 33,5 m
  • METAL DEPLOYE® meshes surface : 700 m²
  • Type of  METAL DEPLOYE® mesh : CRYSTAL 200 M
  • Powder coated steel in copper
  • 240 pannels


METAL DEPLOYE® meshes is the ideal product for urban surfaces such as green for facades or roofs but also fences or metal cladding.