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  • The material needed is completely retained in the finished product because of the manufacturing process,
  • Metallic meshes enables you to easily obtain pieces and perform functions that are reliable and particularly economical,
  • It means it is possible to use noble and high performing materials,
  • By using it you will gain in productivity.


  • Metallic meshes'’s single piece structure gives it great strength,
  • Reinforcement, edging, additional shaping are not necessary,
  • Pieces are light,
  • Cost is not penalized,
  • certain functions which generally do not co-exist can be combined.


  • Metallic wire netting produced in a single piece by cutting out and drawing at the same time, by its very nature metallic meshes are runproof,
  • Whatever use it is put to, it maintains its whole structure and its complete rigidity,
  • It does not require any edging, any reinforcement or any circumferential welding,
  • Unlike other technologies, it does not allow particles, woven threads or fibres to be released into the circuits, the packaging or to damage the shaping equipment.


Given that metallic meshes from METAL DEPLOYE® can be bent and shaped and is runproof this allows for high-performance, controlled shaping.
  • strips retain their ability to be bent significantly without breaking,
  • complex pressed shapes can be developed for you,
  • no wires or bits of metal get lost in the machinery,
  • tailor-made calibrated thickness to suit your tools,
  • metallic meshes allows you to automate your cutting, rolling, bending, welding and pressing procedures,
  • we will help you to define your requirements and any potential treatments that are necessary.


The production process can be applied to virtually all metallurgic grades:
  • steels,
  • coated steels,
  • stainless steels,
  • refractory metals,
  • aluminiums,
  • copper alloys,
  • zinc, nickel, titanium, gold, platinum, ...


We have considerable means for producing finished products so that we can provide you with the appropriate variation to meet your specific need. METAL DEPLOYE®'s meshes are sold in:
  • large width reels,
  • reels trimmed to the exact width of use from 4 mm to 1250 mm,
  • large format sheets,
  • sheets cut to the required dimensions,
  • specific shapes.


We offer many shapes and dimensions of mesh which can be combined with very different widths of strip and thicknesses with the same equipment and high level of expertise,
  • the range is particularly extensive,
  • rolling after expansion results in a smooth product or if required a calibrated thickness,
  • transparencies can be strong or slight according to use,
  • the product is optimized for the task you need it for,
  • it is easy for you to create new products,
  • product development is not dependent on expensive investment in equipment,
  • the product evolves to fit the function it is needed for.


The bonding of mesh is particularly suitable for this method of bonding, especially for resistance welding.
  • the sections of strips are constant (no crossing of wires with double thickness),
  • the power of welding required remains limited,
  • the quality of the weld is regular,
  • the slope of the strips allows the mesh to fit together with each other exactly,
  • overthickness is avoided as well as butt welds.


With our partners in the steel industry we are making continual progress in defining and developing highly ductile shades and this makes it possible to have sections of weak strips together with very elongated mesh shapes.
  • the product offers varieties of extended transparencies,
  • it offers exceptional levels of transparency,
  • it means pressure drops are low,
  • it lightens your components.


Thanks to its single piece structure, METAL DEPLOYE®'s meshes are highly prized by the electrophysics and electrochemical industries.
  • with expanded metal there is electrical discontinuity where the strips cross,
  • any risk of oxidation where the mesh joins is avoided,
  • electrical transmission is continuous,
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With its three-dimensional design, METAL DEPLOYE® louvered mesh acts as a sun-shield. The natural slant diffuses the rays of sunshine and help you meet the conditions of a High Environmental Quality building by limiting the use of energy and CO2 emissions.