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GM 285 feuilles planes

This product is restricted for use in a category C1 environments (premises with low or normal humidity: offices, dwellings with mechanically controlled ventilation, storage buildings, sports facilities (except swimming pools and ice rinks) described under standard NFISO9223).
For atmospheres with high humidity or pollution, please contact us for details of our recommendations, including Aluminium.

Longue diagonale

Courte diagonale
LD 600 x CD 600 Colisage 400 feuilles soit 144 m²

LD 600 x CD 1200 Colisage 200 feuilles soit 144 m²
Head-on transparency 40%
Weight Aluminium 1,6 kg/m²
Acier zingué 2,8 kg/m²
Thickness 5 mm
Tolérance (en mm) LD - 5 / - 10
CD - 3 / - 10
Pose sur T de 24 mm minimum
  • Aluminium: polyester powder coating
  • Galvanised steel: epoxy polyester powder coating
Standard colour
  • White RAL 1093
  • any other RAL on request
Fire rating: A2-s1-d0