expanded metal facade

Manuelle Gautrand - Métal Déployé®

expanded metal architecture

Manuelle Gautrand - Métal Déployé®

expanded metal

Manuelle Gautrand - Métal Déployé®

Reception hall Saint Louis

In December 2015, the city of Saint Louis (Alsace) inaugurated its new theatre called “Le Forum". Designed by the Agency Manuelle Gautrand Architecte, the work combines the challenges of architecture that the industrialist must take up :

·        Aesthetic challenge

·        Technical chllenge

·        Innovation

« Le Forum » offers a clean architecture. It’s a set composed by 13 compact volumes completely clad by a metallic mesh skin. This cladding shows coppery shades changing accordion to the weather, time and view angle ; alternately orange, salmon pink and white.


The three-dimensional design of the Supreme 200XXL mesh creates these subtle light effects. These effects are increased by the one of a kind coppery lacquering.

(c) Jean-Paul Iltis - Manuelle Gautrand Architecte

Surface provided by METAL DEPLOYE® : 10 000m2.
Mesh: SUPREME 200XXL powder coated, brilliant effect coating.

Architect: Manuelle Gautrand
Metalworker: Cabrol

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Associated applications

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